Premium Craft Irish Whiskey.

Powered by Blockchain Technology.


The Rising Demand for Whiskey


There has never been a more exciting time for Irish whiskey, which is now the fastest growing premium spirit globally.

The demand is set to accelerate at 6% CAGR with new products being a key growth area.

We are offering equity investment or a Token offering to build a craft Irish distillery. Stakeholders will receive annual distributions in the form of bottles of premium Irish whiskey and profit sharing.

100M WSKY tokens have been created.


Irish Whiskey. No Compromise.


Smoked with Irish-peat. Aged in Irish oak.

Unlike other distilleries who reuse Imported barrels, WSKY will be made using premium Irish water, smoked using Irish-sourced peat and aged in barrels using Irish-sourced oak. Premiumization is arguably the most significant trend influencing the global alcoholic drinks market. Most regions and markets have seen consumers trading up to higher-value products, across a wide range of categories. Similarly, consumers are increasingly looking for original spirits products with a unique story behind the brand and a solid grounding in a region or locality. This has led to an explosion in the number of craft producers and brands in almost every category.

Irish Water

Irish Wood

Irish Peat

Detail of stacked old wooden whisky barrels

Irish Casks


Strategic Location


North Cork Distillery with Tasting Rooms


WSKY & Blockchain


Token Offering

Voting will be facilitated for all key decisions such as final whiskey recipes, how long whiskey should be aged in various barrels etc. This model promotes decentralization of operating authority, with responsibility for business performance retained in the hands of local distillery masters. An employee option pool will be created to reward attained production goals as incentive for workers at the distillery.


Voting and Profit Sharing

Tokens will converted to a voting equivalent which is validated by a chain of digital signatures. Each owner has the opportunity to transfer their votes to a delegate by digitally signing a hash of the previous transaction and the public key of the next owner and adding these to the end of the coin. If invested in WSKY and the voting to approve an investment or distribution is made with 75% approval, then all token holders automatically accept the investment terms and the decision is made on behalf of all token holders. The payee verifies the signatures to prove the chain of ownership. Here is the solidity code below:


Sample Distribution

The WSKY team will be paid a modest salaries but stand to receive bonuses if distribution and profit goals are achieved. Token holders will have the opportunity to approve compensation packages as part of an annual voting process. Bonuses will place heavy emphasis on generating and delivering profit from social events and activities, awards won and external recognition built for the brand. The bonus formula will not be capped. Tokens will also be offered as internal development performance incentives.


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WSKY Token Whitepaper

We believe that there exists an exciting opportunity to develop an Irish distillery taking advantage of the significant increase in global interest. In our WSKY whitepaper, we have proposed the establishment of an Irish craft whiskey distillery powered by Blockchain technology. We will develop a decentralized application system to facilitate product logistics and tracking, automatic distribution of profits and voting. Tokens will be built using smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain, which provides strong control of ownership and prevents any double-spending or voting.

By using blockchain powered smart contracts on the Ethereum network, we can use an electronic investment and voting system based on cryptographic proof, allowing any willing parties to transact directly with each other without the need for a trusted third party. This increase liquidity in the alternative asset investment class. Blockchain allows for a single, immutable record of equity transactions which is interpreted by established rules in an unbiased way. This solves data quality issues at source increasing compliance and accuracy when dealing with vesting scheduled and legal notifications. Profit sharing and distribution criteria can be established, executing automatically for all tokenholders. Administrative effort of record-keeping and reconciliation is eliminated and voting can be easily facilitated. This we believe, will provide a significant competitive advantage.