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Client Services

With accelerating technology adoption and an explosion of data, there are tremendous opportunities for organizations to explore innovative ways of working to increase efficiency and agility. Forward-thinking companies are leveraging disruptive technologies such as Automation, Ai, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency and advanced Analytics. Organizational leaders are taking on ambitious digital transformation initiatives to realize significant opportunity and drive measurable growth. Daly Ventures supports bold clients with ambitious growth plans.

Data & Analytics

Building strategic product roadmaps is not easy, and with the rapid adoption of disruptive technology such as Automation, AI and Blockchain, it’s about to become much more difficult. Organizational leaders need to take a step back to analyze these market trends and start making strategic invests and decisions now.

Intelligent Automation

The automation of the workplace is in its beginning stages driven by advances in compute power like GPUs and TPUs for machine learning. This evolution has started with next-gen robotic processes (RPA) and is moving towards a more intelligent and cognitive layer driven by AI. 

New Product Launch

Product life cycles are shortening and differentiation is imperative to remain relevant. We help with product adoption to the ever-changing market conditions. Agility can be the difference between success and failure. We are results focused and bring products to market faster so clients reap first-mover benefits.


Digital Strategy

Digital innovation is racing forward—reshaping industries and profoundly affecting society. We help unlock the value of this immense disruption. We streamline, execute and automate in an agile way, helping drive your organization’s digital transformation.


Launching technology companies.


Ventures and Investments

We build companies. We embrace change, operate with a sense of urgency, push the limits of technology and disrupt industries. We work with early-stage ventures to build traction by providing operational services and seed investment to further develop and grow the product or service. We increase speed, scalability, and efficiency by using a centralized shared service to ramp up the growth of our portfolio companies. We accelerate growth, increase company valuation and provide a platform to validate business models and pivot quickly. Our talented team and strategic partners have specialized capabilities in leading edge technology solutions. We have a Get sh*t done mentality. Less talk. More action. We’re successful when we have happy, well supported founding teams and we generate top quartile returns for our investors.

Portfolio Companies

powered by Daly Ventures
powered by Daly Ventures

With our innovative model and investment approach, we believe we can realize tremendous efficiencies and attractive returns, while dramatically reducing risk. We are investing across various industries on the cusp of disruption and creating an ecosystem of portfolio companies that reinforce each other through strategic partnerships.


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