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Don’t want to be a small fish in a large pond? Bored at the idea of having to follow standard delivery frameworks and methodologies? Tired of having to wait in line to get promoted? Daly Ventures is a young consulting company.  We're looking to add exceptional individuals who have built a track record of succeeding where others have failed, and who want to accelerate their career progression on their terms. Check out our available positions below:




Directors drive the business development and strategic decision-making process for the entire firm. They are responsible for the overall success and direction of the organization.

To succeed in this role individuals must have extensive previous experience in management consulting or VP level industry experience. The role requires the ability to build and grow an independent book of business, selling Daly Ventures Consulting services as well as the ability to lead and stand up various engagements sold by other Directors at the firm.

Ideal candidates will have strong business acumen, a large network of senior level industry connections and natural leadership and wants to utilize their specialties to add unique perspective and value to client projects.


Managers provide oversight and ensure the successful delivery of engagements. They are expected to serve in a leadership and mentor role to all other consulting team members at Daly Ventures.

We are currently looking to add a number of Manager level professionals to our team who have extensive experience in management consulting, and a background in analysis, problem solving, and critical thinking. Our team members have an entrepreneurial spirit and are excited at the possibility of building something from the ground up.




Consultants are trusted to oversee the completion of individual deliverables and play an integral role in contributing to the greater project they are assigned to. They are expected to show leadership and provide guidance to Analysts as they progress through the organization.

Ideal candidates will have a strong track record of success in previous full-time roles. We will also seek applicants who have been promoted early, recognized for their achievements, and can provide quality samples of deliverables/projects they created.


Analysts contribute to the firm by conducting much of the initial research and development of deliverables for various client engagements. Through their role, Analysts develop strong research, presentation, and client communication skills.

We are looking to add a few more recent graduate level professionals to our team who have an interest in management consulting, and a background in problem solving, and critical thinking.

Ideal candidates will be have strong business acumen and relevant skills with an interested in taking on a role in business strategy, project management, and process improvement, utilizing their specialties to add unique perspective and value to client projects.


10 Reasons you should join Daly Ventures:

  1. As a rapidly growing firm you have the ability to get involved in leadership roles in various aspect of the business

  2. Don’t be another number in a large organization - Help build a firm that will become an industry disruptor

  3. All employees receive 10,000 Dalycoin which will be used to facilitate voting and profit distributions

  4. Opportunities in increase Dalycoin through internal initiatives

  5. We hook you up with the best technology - Choose between a Mac, PC or iPad when you start

  6. Clothing, Haircut and Gym Membership stipend - when you look and feel your best, you deliver for our Clients.

  7. Unlimited Time Off

  8. Fully stocked Kitchen

  9. Professional and Personal Development Reimbursements

  10. Fully covered Bi-Annual Team Trips