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Initial Contact

Click on the "Contact Us" button below and provide an elevator pitch in the message box. A Daly Ventures representative will schedule a phone call to discuss detailed next steps and answer any questions you may have.

Business Plan Submission

Following a successful phone call, applicants will be asked to fill in the Daly Ventures Start-Up package that includes a Business Model Canvas template, a 10 Slide Presentation template and a 1 page questionnaire.

Introductory Meeting

The Daly Ventures team will review all business plans. If the opportunity aligns with the investment strategies and questions can be sufficiently addressed, an initial pitch will be set up at the DayBlink office.

Due Diligence

After the official pitch, a set of questions and follow up items will be created. Applicants will be partnered with two resources from the Daly Ventures team to flesh out their plan and address any issues raised.

Term Sheets and Funding

If all questions are answered and both venture partners are excited about the opportunity, a final pitch will be offered to the applicants in front of the Daly Ventures Investment Committee.